About John Midgley 

After training at Harrogate School of Art, John became an arts advisor for the London Boroughs of Haringey and Brent. He then established a studio complex housing 24 artists in North London, later working as a sculpture tutor in Camden. 
In the early 1970s, John founded one of the country's leading banner design companies and went on to create banners for dozens of trades unions and progressive movements.
He moved to Overstrand. in north Norfolk, in the 1980s and has since exhibited at galleries in Norfolk, Suffolk and London. 

"My latest series of paintings, made in 2014 and titled “The Bridge”, was selected for showing at Cley 14 – A Creative Conversation. Made over a long period of time, they were representative of works made from a single motif and showed the stages in a painting’s development.

The intensity and concentration involved in studying just one “scene” brought home to me, again, that learning is not a race to a set of pre-determined goals, but a continuing search for meaning.

This series of paintings has been a subject of study by a group of A Level students this year. Among other things, we discussed the view that artists who work in the way I do – however figurative their work – know nevertheless that it is an abstract quality, however hidden, that determines the real worth of any work.

John's second book of paintings, Sublimina II, is due out this year.  CLICK HERE for more information.